Attention Law student preparing for the Bar Exam!

How a law graduate who ranked in the bottom half of his class, failed the MPRE twice, and had less than a coin flip chance of passing, was able to use a little known secret shared by Oprah, Michael Phelps, and Wayne Dyer to PASS the California bar exam on his 1ST ATTEMPT in less time than most others!

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Dear Future Lawyer,


Los Angeles, CA

Let me let you in on a LITTLE SECRET that I know and used to pass my bar exam.

I graduated in the lower half of my law school class and after graduation, I received a letter from the administration telling me, based on my class rank, my statistical chances for passing the bar exam were less than 33%!  Not only that, I was one of the few that failed the MPRE (twice, actually).

You see, I wasn’t supposed to pass.

I realized I was not going to be able to just study my way through the bar exam. After all, people who were much better students than me had failed the bar exam… multiple times before finally passing!

I had mounting student loans ready to roll over me.  I had no choice but to look for other ways to help me pass… and

I ended up learning about a certain power just in the nick of time before my bar exam.

That power is called the subconscious mind.

You may have heard that we only use 10% of our brain. Well, that’s because only 10% of our control in life is through our conscious brain.

90% of our brain and behavior is controlled by our subconscious mind.

So, if we want to gain TRUE power, we have to tap into our subconscious mind.

But how?

During my bar exam, I used the same techniques utilized by top Olympic athletes and performers – like Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and others!

And NOW is the Time to Get this power for yourself.

The Bar Exam is coming up soon.

What would be the real difference between passing and not passing your bar exam?



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  • While others are preparing for another 6 months, you could be making anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000!
  • Plus, you get a head start for bonuses and salary raises!

Save 6 months of TIME!

  • The bar exam comes around only twice per year.
  • If you pass the bar exam, you are 6 months ahead of the game!
  • Even better, you don’t have to spend your next 6 months living in the “What if” world – “What if I don’t pass again?”
  • You’re complete and can now MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

No More Stress

  • Studying for the bar exam is one of the most trying, stressful, and least fun times you’ll have EVER in your life.
  • When you pass, you go through it only this time and save yourself the headache of having to repeat and redo the entire experience again!

Make Your Family, Friends, and Colleagues Proud of You

  • How good will it feel to be going to your SWEARING-IN CEREMONY?
  • The bar exam has been on your mind since DAY 1 of law school.  This mountain is now CONQUERED.
  • Knowing this big mountain that has NOW been climbed, and you NEVER have to see the bar exam again.  That’s incredibly rewarding and peaceful.
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Lose Your New Job Opportunity

Lose 6 months of Time!

Feels Awful

6 more months of Stress and Anxiety

Lose Thousands of Dollars in Piling Debt and Lost Potential Income


The next half year or longer of your life is determined by what you do now.

Do EVERYTHING it takes to get yourself ready.



Logging into your computer and seeing the words

“This name appears on the PASS list”



With this program you can make that a reality.

You will discover a suprrisingly simple system to be able to enter into a super confident, super performing state at will on command instantly.

It has many of the same components I used during my bar exam preparation.


If I hadn’t used that Mental Edge on my bar exam prep, I might still have been studying years later!

With this package you will:

  • Increase Memory Recall

  • Strengthen Test Performance

  • Decrease Test Anxiety

  • Build Greater Confidence

  • Feel More Relaxed

  • Increase Composure

Here’s what a people are saying about the package:

“I passed the Feb 2013 bar exam as a first timer… I do want to say that your mp3’s helped relax me, the affirmation mp3 helped keep me positive, and the visual wallpaper kept me inspired.  I went into the bar exam, calm, confident, and prepared.  Even my classmates and repeat pals were amazed by my smile for 3 days.  I swear the issues seemed to jump off the page.  I was so relaxed that I zoomed through the exam with no moments of stress.  It was smooth sailing all three days.  I will recommend your relaxation program and book to everyone I know who takes the exam. I passed after going to a non-ABA school.
Dustin’s bar exam mental edge program is awesome!!!  I listened to the recordings often as I prepared to take the Hawaii bar exam, almost 19 years after I passed the California bar exam on the first attempt.  Even though I had been practicing law that long, I had only done criminal law so I felt like I was re-learning everything else.  I listened to all of the different recordings multiple times, but the affirmations were my favorite.  I listened and recited them out loud while I exercised at the gym, on long walks and in bed at night…often falling asleep to them.  I listened so often that I could recite them in order, along with the recording.  Even though I did not feel confident or adequately prepared leading up to or during the exam, apparently I was because I passed!!!  I’m not sure I would have without this program.  Thank you Dustin!!!”
Michelle Scott, 2014
“Now that bar results are out and I can proudly say I PASSED THE FIRST TIME. I listened to the affirmation right up until the last day of the exam.  I was not a stellar law student, had no confidence in my multiple choice ability, but I sucked it up and made it through. THE AFFIRMATION MP3 TOTALLY GOT ME THROUGH ON THE DAYS WHEN I JUST WANTED TO QUIT.
Amy R - California
THE RECORDING IS WONDERFUL. Ever since I heard it issues kept popping out at me… just wonderful”
Vanessa M.


Here’s what you get with your package when you order today.

1) Bar Exam PREPARATION Guided Visualization Audio

With this audio, you can…

    • Feel more confident, calm, and relaxed IMMEDIATELY and each day of your bar exam prep  BarExamMentalEdgePreparation_IpassedMyBarExam

    • Improve Your Issue Spotting ability

    • See the evidence it’s working on the practice exams you take

    • Feel more confident, calm, and relaxed while preparing

    • Use the latest and most innovative mind techniques to access the most hidden and powerful parts of your brain

    • Become prepared and ready mentally for the bar exam

    • 17 minute audio track – Use it during quick study breaks

2) Bar Exam WEEK Guided Visualization Audio

With this audio, you can…

  • Get a good a rest the night before your bar exam BarExamMentalEdge_TestWeek

  • Go through your entire exam in calm and collected manner

  • Finish each portion of the exam on time

  • Handle anxious moments during the exam

  • Visualize yourself as a bar passer

  • 30 minute audio track – Meditate in the morning of before sleep


With this audio, you can…


  • Improve your ability to recall what you studied

  • Remember Rules more Easily 

  • Have a Stronger Memory

  • Strengthen your ability to access the memory stored in your subconscious mind

  • 20 minute audio track – Use it on study breaks or after class

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination
If you play certain images and words in your mind enough times, it will become your reality.

This program will create your reality as a bar exam passer now.


IT HELPED TREMENDOUSLY. I was traveling to Buffalo to take the bar and got stuck in Newark airport for 2 days… I finally arrived in Buffalo just 5 hours before the test.  I listened to your meditation MP3 and was able to remain calm, and sleep a little bit.  IF I DIDN’T LISTEN TO IT, I WOULD HAVE GONE CRAZY DURING THAT STRESSFUL PERIOD.”
Patrick G. - New York, 2012
“I was so relaxed after listening to it. I AM SO MUCH CALMER NOW.”
Rosemary - 2013

Become a Confident Bar Exam Passer!

And you can have it within minutes from now!


I normally charge my 1-on-1 clients $125 to do a session for each of these audios.

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Bonus #1: Sleep and Relaxation Audio ($30 value)

With this audio, you can…


  • Be more relaxed during the day 

  • Fall asleep at night

  • Have more peace of mind during preparation

  • 18 minute audio track – Play as you fall asleep each night


Bonus #2: Bar Exam Affirmations Audio ($25 value)

With this audio, you can…


  • Listen while driving, studying, or exercising

  • Be more positive and confident

  • Have more energy to study

  • 24 minute audio track

Bonus #3: Digital Vision Movie Board ($20 value)

With this video, you can…

  • Be more positive and confident

  • Engage the visual an kinesthetic part of your mind


Bonus #4: Print Vision Board ($20 Value)

With this, you can…

  • Get a printed and online vision board to put on your bathroom mirror and meditate on

  • Increase Confidence

  • Be more Positive


Liz H. - 2013
“It gives me time to relax, while at the same time providing positive visualization. I FEEL REINVIGORATED TO GET BACK TO WORK… Your recordings really HELPED ME KEEP FOCUSED AND OPTIMISTIC throughout the process. I am a bar passer.”
Marco C. - 2013

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If you listen to this program and don’t think it’s helping you feel more relaxed, improving your memory and scores, increasing your confidence while taking away some of the anxiety and getting you into the bar exam passer’s mindset, then email me and I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.   Also, you get the…


If you try this program out and for whatever reason don’t pass your bar exam, just email me, and I’ll refund your amount, no hassle, no questions asked – that’s it.

I have no problem making this agreement with you.  My Goal is for you to pass your bar exam with this program.  I believe in the power of this program. And I believe it will help you pass.  If you don’t pass, then I haven’t done my job.



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Colleen K. - 2013
“I wanted to THANK YOU for putting together the program and making it such a QUALITY PRODUCT.”
James S. - 2013
S. C. - 2013
“All my friends love and are listening to your affirmation mp3 :)”
Ali R., California
“I’m using the program every day. I’m a big believer in the value of affirmations and visualization… I learned one of the big tools to passing is to not let the stress and pressure of the exam and the exam environment get to you.  That’s why I bought your program – to remind me to not psyche myself out.  I do the prep or memory enhancer once in the morning and again in the evening.  I have the affirmations on repeat in my iPhone while I’m working out… I think it’s all great… I BELIEVE THEY REALLY HELPED, AND I THINK THE MENTAL STRATEGY WAS A BIG PART OF IT.
Jeff M. - 2013, California
“Dustin’s insight and knowledge about the bar is nothing short of remarkable . Everything from his podcasts, book, and Mental Edge program gave me the tools to not only to survive the bar, but to thrive on the bar. The Mental Edge program was an especially important part of my preparation. It gave me a systematic and effective way to blast through mental roadblocks, alleviate stress, and build the confidence I needed to succeed.  I reaped far more benefits from the Mental Edge program than any outline or bar prep lecture could ever give me. I owe it all to Dustin for passing the bar exam on the very first try!“”
Peter S. - 2014




Looking forward to hearing about your passing bar exam results,
To Your Name Appearing on the Pass list,
Your friend,




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