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“Now that bar results are out and I can proudly say I passed the first time. I listened to the affirmation right up until the last day of the exam.  I was not a stellar law student, had no confidence in my multiple choice ability, but I sucked it up and made it through. The affirmation mp3 totally got me through on the days when I just wanted to quit.”
Amy R - California
“The recording is wonderful. Ever since I heard it issues kept popping out at me… just wonderful”
Vanessa M.
“All my friends love and are listening to your affirmation mp3.”
Ali R. - California

Affirmations and Visualization can be key to passing the bar exam. The top athletes, actors, and self-development gurus utilize visualization to their advantage. You may have heard the phrase,

“Sow a thought, reap an action.”
Sow an action, reap a habit…”

If your thoughts and expectations are oriented towards passing the bar exam, your mindset and actions will guide you to the steps to pass.

Our thoughts are comprised of past experiences and habitual thinking. They define our expectations of ourselves. If we can reorient our thoughts based on the images we see and the words we hear, we can shape a new reality for ourselves. In this case, we can shape ourselves to seeing and expecting passing bar results.

With this program, you can:
  • Feel More Confident in preparing for and taking the bar exam
  • Increase test and practice scores
  • Decrease anxious thoughts and feelings
What is the Bar Exam Affirmation MP3?
  • Series of positive affirmations in the First, Second, and Third Person form
  • Calming Music
  • You can use as a Meditation mp3 or play in the background while studying or at your house
  • 24 minute audio mp3
How do I use the Bar Exam Affirmation mp3?
  • Immediate download within minutes
  • Play on your computer at home or travel with it on your Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, or any other mp3 device
  • Listen daily during your bar exam prep
“I like it. It keeps me in the right state of mind.”
Karla M. - California
“It was really good. After hearing it for awhile, I felt like I am doing better on my MBE.”
Mary K. - California

Gandhi said:

“Beliefs lead to Thoughts,

Thoughts lead to Actions,

Actions lead to Results”

I used both affirmations and visualization to help me pass the bar. My grades were not too hot coming out of law school and statistically I had a higher chance of failing than passing. However, through the use of goal setting, affirmations, and visualization, I oriented my thoughts to helping me pass the bar exam and was successful at it.

Many people fail not because they can’t pass the bar, but because they are limited by their own thoughts. Our own worst enemy is our self and our root thoughts will dictate how well we are going to do regardless of the amount of time and preparation put into studying.

I created a program specifically to support you and your thoughts. It’s designed to help your orient your thoughts for passing bar results, which in turn, will guide you to the actions to take to pass.

Retail Price $27 Today $24.95

The program includes:

Audio affirmation CD

  • Mp3 download straight to your computer, within minutes so you can start listening now!
  • Positive, uplifting audio suggestions that I used myself and have enhanced since my bar exam,
  • Suggestions specifically stated towards helping you pass your bar exam.
  • Listen on your mp3 player while joggin, walking, on study breaks, before you go to bed, when you wake up, in the shower, or wherever and whenever you want (except driving or operating heavy machinery).
  • This is not only the best value bar exam affirmation program on the market, it’s the ONLY bar exam affirmation program on the market!
  • Free upgrades to any additions made to the affirmation cd.

Get the Affirmation MP3 or get the entire

Bar Exam Mental Edge Package!

  • Includes the Bar Exam Affirmation MP3.
  • Bar Exam PREPARATION Guided Visualization MP3 (30min) – Visualize a successful bar exam prep and passing results.
  • Bar Exam WEEK Guided Visualization MP3 (35min) – Visualize a calm, smooth, and confident bar test week.
  • Bar Exam VISION Movie – Activate your visual brain by with affirmative statements and pictures for passing.
  • Memory Enhancer MP3 – Activate your memory recall and retention to remembering the materials better.
  • Bar Exam Vision Board – A vision board created for you to view on screen or print out in full color resolution.
  • Sleep & Relaxation MP3 – Play this and you can fall asleep quickly and easily in the evening of your bar prep.
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades – Whenever I upgrade or add to the product or program, you get free upgrades.
  • 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.  If you get the Mental Edge program and are not 100% satisfied, just send me an email, and I’ll give you your money back. Only applicable up to 3 weeks before your bar exam.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.  If you get the Mental Edge program and don’t pass the bar, send me an email and I’ll give you your money back and more! No questions asked. I have no problem offering this because it’s my job to help you pass and if I didn’t do my job, then ask for your money back.




Retail Price $375 Today $97


What people are saying about
The Bar Exam Mental Edge Program
“I passed the Feb 2013 bar exam as a first timer… I do want to say that your mp3’s helped relax me, the affirmation mp3 helped keep me positive, and the visual wallpaper kept me inspired.  I went into the bar exam, calm, confident, and prepared.  Even my classmates and repeat pals were amazed by my smile for 3 days.  I swear the issues seemed to jump off the page.  I was so relaxed that I zoomed through the exam with no moments of stress.  It was smooth sailing all three days.  I will recommend your relaxation program and book to everyone I know who takes the exam. I passed after going to a non-ABA school.”
“It helped tremendously. I was traveling to Buffalo to take the bar, as I’m taking the New York bar, and got stuck in Newark airport for 2 days… I finally arrived in Buffalo just 5 hours before the test.  I listened to your meditation MP3 and was able to remain calm, and sleep a little bit.  If I didn’t listen to it, I would have gone crazy during that stressful period.”
Patrick G. - New York, 2012
“Love your affirmations… they help me when I get nervous and I can hardly study.”
Liz H. - 2013
“I’m using the program every day. I’m a big believer in the value of affirmations and visualization… I learned one of the big tools to passing is to not let the stress and pressure of the exam and the exam environment get to you.  That’s why I bought your program – to remind me to not psyche myself out.  I do the prep or memory enhancer once in the morning and again in the evening.  I have the affirmations on repeat in my iPhone while I’m working out… I think it’s all great… I believe they really helped, and I think the mental strategy was a big part of it.”
Jeff M. - 2013, California
“I wanted to thank you for putting together the program and making it such a quality product.”
James S. - 2013
“Thanks for your program. It really makes a difference. The meditation is wonderful.”
S. C. - 2013
“It gives me time to relax, while at the same time providing positive visualization. I feel reinvigorated to get back to work… Your recordings really helped me keep focused and optimistic throughout the process. I am a bar passer.”
Marco C. - 2013
“I was so relaxed after listening to it. I am so much calmer now.”
Rosemary - 2013
“The best thing I like is the positive affirmations and visualizing myself passing the bar and not being nervous taking the bar.”
Colleen K. - 2013


Retail Price $375 Today $97



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